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Welcome to the Bandwidth Conservation Society
With the astronomical growth of the web we've noticed a lot of bytes being pumped down the backbone that don't necessarily need to be sent. Lots of these extra bytes are in the form of images. The goal of this first installment of the Bandwidth Conservation Society is to show you how to make your images smaller. Not in area, but in bytecount.

Revealing the secret to pretty pictures.
The fact that most of the images on the web could be a fraction of their current size (yet still retain the image integrity) is the focus of this document. The tutorial is geared for the web developer who has a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop or similar bitmap basher.

Why Optimize your bitmaps?
The bottom line is the surfing syndrome. As the dialup population grows, more folks want the images faster. Plus... by reducing the byte size of images a few things occur:

  1. The developer uses less hard disk real estate
  2. The developer uses less cpu overhead to deliver the image
  3. The user gets the image quicker! This is the important one
  4. Fewer bytes across the net means more room as the popularity of the net grows
  5. Courtesy. As more folks are sharing web-server resources, your electronic neighbors will appreciate your intelligence and web-savvy delivery
What's in this document: Who are we and how to join The Bandwidth Conservation Society is a loosely knit group of web developers who disagree about nearly everything... Except keeping gifs as tiny as possible. Even then, there are differring strategies. If you wish to join, give us your name, email, and URL. Promise to optimize your images and give users an indication that you have their fastest download interest at heart, point to our minimalistic Bandwidth Conservation Society logo. (the url is (That way, once loaded it'll come from the users' cache)
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