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Welcome to the Bandwidth Conservation Society Web Forum.

Rules: Sorry, but there are a few rules about this forum.

  1. Be Polite. We may not agree about everything, but we can at least be polite with each other. Please, keep the flaming at a minimum (Even if disagreement is at a maximum;-)
  2. Be Responsible. This forum is currently open to the world. If it gets outta hand, we'll moderate this thing.
  3. No IMG calls. We currently don't support html formatting in your reply. You do have the ability to include your own url, and up to 3 more reference urls.
  4. Support the new user. We're probably all new at something, and anyone who is here shares a common interest: Bandwidth Conservation.
  5. Thanks for visiting. Have fun. -- John-Michael Keyes
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Note: To get things started, we took some of our mail and put it online in thread form. As a courtesy to the sender, we removed the last name and email. If you see one of your messages, and would like your full name and email to appear, just drop a line. -- John-Michael Keyes.

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