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Image Simulator
This form lets you compare various reference images to the dialog presented in Adobe Photoshop (or other bitmap editor). To use this form select your Reference Image, then indicate your Dialog Settings. When you press "Let's See It", you'll get an A-B comparison.

Select Your Reference Image:
4-Bit Images have 16 Colors
4-bit Adaptive CRLI
5-Bit Images have 32 Colors
5-bit Adaptive CRLI
8-Bit Images have 256 Colors
8-bit Adaptive Diffusion Dither
8-bit Adaptive No Dither
8-bit System Diffusion Dither
8-bit System No Dither
JPEG Source has millions of colors

Configure your dialog settings.

Palette:               Dither:
System/Uniform     None 
Adaptive           Diffusion

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